I am unable to get the initial set up window on the TV screen after connecting the required channels

When turned on, the unit takes about 45-60 seconds before going to set up. It displays “Hello” during this period and will not respond to any command.


Does my DRC8335 have a Tuner?

DRC8335 has an in-built ATSC tuner so you can not only view the desired channel but also record it on DVD disc or Video tape. You can also record one channel and view another channel at the same time.


How do I finalize the DVD disc after the recording is over? I do not see any command on the display

You will be asked to finalize the DVD disc when you press the OPEN-CLOSE button to elect the disc.


How do I increase the volume level of my TV?

You may increase the volume level by performing a simple software upgrade. Click on the following link to download the software and the upgrading procedure http://www.curtisint.com/html/custservice/manuals/RCA_RLED5592A_SW.UPDATE.ZIP

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Where can I purchase a Remote control for my Television?

Please note to contact:

In Canada call -> 1-800-968-9853

In USA call our remote support distributor -> 1 (800) 736-6837

I lost my receipt, can I file a warranty claim?

No, we require a proof of purchase to verify date of purchase and that the product was sold by a reputable dealer. If you purchased the product online you should be able to download a receipt through your account. If you purchased the item in the store many retail stores can reprint your receipt upon request.

I purchased my item six months ago but I just opened the box and discovered that the unit is not working, is it still covered under warranty?

The warranty period begins immediately after the date of purchase, check your manual, if your unit is covered for 1 year (365 days) then please contact support@curtiscs.com to begin the warranty process. If your unit is covered for 90 days, unfortunately the warranty period has expired. We strongly encourage everyone to test all units immediately when you bring them home to avoid disappointment.

I received my item as a gift, I don’t have the receipt and I don’t know when or where it was purchased.

A proof of purchase is required, please reach out to the gift giver they may have the receipt or have access to a copy.